well... it looks like the glass is half empty again...

.... and i have no one to blame but myself...

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23 September
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HarlyPrincess05 (12:15:10 AM): *!* To LaLa...you insert *body part of your choice* into the *object of your choice* and do the Disney's Teacup ride motion.
stick label here (12:15:28 AM): LOL
HarlyPrincess05 (12:15:38 AM): think it works?
stick label here (12:16:01 AM): very much so
HarlyPrincess05 (12:16:08 AM): great
HarlyPrincess05 (12:17:43 AM): is that definition a websters def. or do i need to be more creative?
stick label here (12:18:22 AM): no no, thats the best
HarlyPrincess05 (12:18:27 AM): ok good
HarlyPrincess05 (12:19:16 AM): what i dont understand is why do you have to do it in the kitchen on the floor? i mean really...thats so boring...be unique and do it in the sink
stick label here (12:19:31 AM): hahahahahahhaa yes
HarlyPrincess05 (12:20:13 AM): oooo the dishwasher seems more pleasing actually
HarlyPrincess05 (12:20:39 AM): its like a spa...just with some knives and forks
HarlyPrincess05 (12:20:57 AM): and a few plates to slap ya around with
stick label here (12:21:18 AM): hahahaaha
stick label here (12:21:18 AM): omg
stick label here (12:21:19 AM): i love you
HarlyPrincess05 (12:21:23 AM): lol i know
HarlyPrincess05 (12:22:19 AM): but seriously..would you want to lala on a tile kitchen floor?? im sorry but those tiles are freezer cold at times
HarlyPrincess05 (12:22:30 AM): and when everyones walked all over them...
stick label here (12:22:39 AM): exactly
HarlyPrincess05 (12:22:56 AM): might as well call it the lulu instead of lala then
stick label here (12:23:21 AM): yeah
stick label here (12:23:26 AM): nothing fun about lalaing on the floor
HarlyPrincess05 (12:23:41 AM): of course..

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